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Heu­te habe ich an einem Pro­jekt mit dem schö­nen Namen aday teil­ge­nom­men, das die­sen heu­ti­gen Tag welt­weit mit Fotos und Tex­ten beglei­tet. Wer sich beru­fen fühl­te doku­men­tier­te foto­gra­fisch sei­nen Tag, und lud 10 Fotos mit erklä­ren­den Tex­ten auf den Ser­ver des Pro­jek­tes. So ent­steht ein welt­wei­tes Patch­work die­ses einen Tages. Es ist natür­lich span­nend zu sehen wie sich das Leben auf der Welt in ein paar Jahr­zehn­ten dar­stellt, wenn man die­ses Pro­jekt wie­der­holt. Was sonst noch mit den Daten gemacht wird, da mag ich gar nicht dran den­ken. Ich glau­be aber an das gute im Men­schen, und des­halb habe ich mich doch recht spon­tan an die­sem Pro­jekt betei­ligt. Die dabei ent­stan­de­nen Fotos und Geschich­ten möch­te ich euch nicht vor­ent­hal­ten…

Das gan­ze Pro­jekt Aday auf erin­nert mich an life in a day, bei dem auch jeder sei­nen 24. Juli 2010 auf Video doku­men­tie­ren konn­te. Der bekann­te Regis­seur Rid­ley Scott hat dann mit einem Team aus der gigan­ti­schen Men­ge an Kurz­fil­men einen abend­fül­len­den Doku­men­tar­film zusam­men geschnit­ten. Damals war es mir zu auf­wän­dig mich dar­an zu betei­li­gen, weil ich unter­wegs nach Wien war, und mei­nen Kopf wo anders hat­te.

Heu­te geht es also um den 15. Mai 2012. Das ist ein typi­scher Tag in mei­nem Leben, aber nicht jeder Tag ver­läuft so wie die­ser. Hier ist also mein Tag in Wort und Bild, und das ers­te mal ver­fas­se ich in mei­nem Blog einen Arti­kel in Eng­lisch:

Hi Folks, my name is Cars­ten. I am a sin­gle father and live alo­ne with my two kids, becau­se my wife pas­sed away 5 years ago. I like to give you an insight in one day of my life: My 15th of May starts at 2.00am with going to bed, set­ting my clock alarm to 6:40am.

Its Yoga-Time

My days — espe­ci­al­ly this — starts with a yoga ses­si­on that cen­ters me, stret­ches and rela­xes me, and clears my mind. I do this after i got my child­ren to school and made the first house­kee­ping, befo­re i start dri­ving to my dif­fe­rent work­pla­ces as Soft­ware-Deve­lo­per, Mar­ti­al-Arts inst­ruc­tor and more and more often also as Pho­to­gra­pher. Becau­se a lot of my days are very inten­se, i some­ti­mes get ten­si­ons in my back and neck which could cau­se migrai­ne hea­da­che, so in the last years Yoga has beco­me an very important part of my dai­ly life to pre­vent this. :thumb:

On the road

I spend a lot of time in my car dri­ving to the dif­fe­rent loca­ti­ons. Becau­se we have no tele­vi­si­on it is also a good time to hear the news of the day, or lis­ten to some music, but very often i turn the radio off. In most cases i use this time — today around two hours — to let my soul fly. It is a per­fect time to collect ide­as and take Memos for my various pro­jec­ts.

At the working Place #1

This is a part of my dai­ly working rou­ti­ne. Three days the week i dri­ve the 25km (15,6 miles) to get to my dis­mal working­place, and stay the­re for ca. 5 hours with con­cep­t­ing, deve­lo­ping and pro­gramming Soft­ware, do some comu­ni­ca­ti­on with custo­mers and col­leagues. Only the peop­le the­re bring colours and life to this lost place. No one who looks at this pho­to­graphs would expect that i work for a real­ly big mul­ti­na­tio­nal com­pa­ny. :no:

Moving to working Place #2

The next five hours i stay in my Mar­ti­als-School to inst­ruct child­ren, teen­ager and adults in Wing Tsun Kung Fu, and the pre­ven­ti­on of vio­lence. Two of my fri­ends and i foun­ded this pro­fes­sio­nal school five years ago in the year my beloved wife pas­sed away. Mar­ti­al­arts is an more ore less important part of my way of life for over thir­ty years now. 8)

The Night

When i arri­ve at home at 9.30pm my kids have pre­pa­red and taken their light evening meal alo­ne. On other days i pre­pa­re it and we take it tog­e­ther. This late evening belongs to my child­ren. We talk, joke a while and then i bring them to bed. After that it is time to eat, and do some work with the com­pu­ter, like che­cking the Mail, wri­ting some let­ters or sim­ply pho­ning with fri­ends. This night i have to pro­cess and orga­ni­ze some Pho­to­graphs from the last shoo­tings, to make them rea­dy for my custo­mers, while i eat some lef­tovers from the day. The day clo­ses with some house­kee­ping, per­so­nal hygie­ne and sub­se­quent­ly some drawing expe­ri­ments on por­traits. Befo­re i fell to sleep, the next day has star­ted. :faint:

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Autor: Carsten Nichte

Hi. Ich bin Softwareentwickler, Kampfkunstlehrer, Fotograf, manchmal Autor und Betreiber dieses Blog. Hier dreht sich alles um Fotografie, Schreiben, die Kampfkunst WingTsun und den Rest meines Lebens. Ich wünsche dir viel Spaß, und auch besinnliche Momente auf meiner Webseite, und freue mich über jede Rückmeldung.

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  1. Nicci van Ad

    15/05/2013 @ 09:16

    Thank you for sharing this litt­le sli­ce of your life with us. And the pho­tos are real­ly gre­at. Did choo­se one if them for their book?

    Kind regards,


  2. Thank you Nicci :-) No, my pho­to­graphs are not in the book and also not in the exhi­bi­ti­on, but thats not important for me. The­re are so much other gre­at and very impres­si­ve pho­to­graphs in the pro­ject, and its fun to be part of it :thumb: